What is next

This morning when I awoke, foreseeing a job lost on behalf of another persons lie. Georgia is an at will state that legally allows employers to fire one with no just cause.

A work environment is meant to have some level of comfort, but in the belly of the beast where do you find this workplace zen? If your work environment is full of unprofessional personnel starting with management. When you enter there dungeon, you can become as they are and make friends with them or remain cordial for the work place. But a choice has to be made fast or it will determine your future with that company. Being good at what you do is a gift and a curse, because sometimes people will intentionally do things just to get a negative reaction from you.



Religion is a Starburst


The biggest contradiction besides the U.S. Constitution is religion. False and misleading prophets. Looking only to profit💸💴💰💵💷💶💳.

Spirituality and blessings come from crooks and castles full of promises they only exploit for monetary gain.

Our History provided evidence of great leaders to follow who lived in peace within themselves.